a past posting to the masses on FaceBook

Two people in my building took their lives in the past month. One lovely girl that I ate pizza with just two weeks ago. No sign of pain that would result in such a dramatic act. Reminds me of the loneliness and isolation that is so present in this overextended social mediated world. The synthetic relationships here are not enough. Broadcasting our lives isn't living our lives enough. We can post the events that shape our days - as I do too - but living the experience is more vital to me today.
The result of these events is that I am claiming my dearest and nearest. Knowing that they keep me from falling into a spiral of isolation and despair. Knowing that I am loved and can love deeply in return. Showing up for my family and friends enough to fly great distance to be with them. Showing up for myself daily to connect to Spirit and those who are like minded. Extending myself through service to show those I don't know, that I too see them as I hope they see me.
Lonely. Yes. I think we all are. What do I do about it. I reach out. I ask for the world to show up for me. At the beginning and end of every day, I am grateful for what this world has offered as my present.
Bless this young woman who impacted me so. The single candle burning there yesterday was a simple and singular remembrance of this elegant soul that was here. I saw her. I enjoyed the moments we shared. I know that she is free. Let your nearest and dearest know how you feel. That can be the greatest thing you can do today.