ONE DAY AT A TIME ..... I am grateful for 28 years of sobriety ......I am truly BLESSED and so Grateful that I am sober today. Single handedly the greatest thing I have ever done. What I have learned is that I AM imperfect. That I can live and love in tandem with a power greater than myself. Getting out of my way and having FAITH that all I do and all I have done is a lesson ... still learning. Taking time each and every day to step into the silence, now knowing that stillness is always there for me to tap into and have TRUTH revealed. SERVICE allows me to see face to face myself and other human beings that are trying to do their best, even if it may not look quite the way I would do it. What a life.  
Thanks to my family, close friends and those out in the social networks for your support, kind words and love.

It is good to be fully awake and SOBER.