Understandably this holiday is a time to connect with people near and far.  It sets the holidays into light speed and the forces all around open early, deeply discount and feed the need to consume.  It was a surprise and a pleasure to set no agenda this year and go with "the flow".  I had many real surprises unfold and enjoyed a most unexpected holiday.  A dear friend called out of the blue and asked to stop in between commitments.  We enjoyed a chat and a hug and a speed round of entertainment.  Warm feeling.  Then I was unexpected texted to by another close friend asking me to join in a meal with a few people near me, just after preparing a turkey breast for myself to have later in the afternoon.  I said YES, as I think we should all do when at the crossroads of an invitation for good.  I showered and spruced myself up - turned off the turkey in the oven and let it cook through (hopefully).  I grabbed some cheese and crackers from my cupboard and two dozens roses on the short walk 7 blocks north and YES became a spontaneous and heartwarming meal with new friends.  

Traditions are rich and full of history and commentary, but this holiday I was so pleasantly engaged, increasing my own tradition of openness and being fully awake for my good that this Thanksgiving was a present.  

I am full - literally.