The Leader of One

The Leader of One...


Interesting relationship, that of human and hound.  From the onset, the agreement is that you create trust.  Trust that shelter is sound.  Trust that there is nourishment each day.  Trust that the rules set are there for safety and protection.  Trust that the well-being is first and foremost in the tests ahead.  Along the way, Love is enriched.  It is simple to say that love happens at first site... How can it not be love.  The furry puppy is so helpless and lost.  They look to you for everything that their mother provided.  But the rules change from the litter to the landscape.  The house becomes the territory and the furniture the obstacles.  With puddles and poops you learn to love every mistake and every advance.  The bark is a song and an alert.  Every sound a message from this little soul so dependent on you.  You the keeper of the secrets.  The secrets only you two know about.  This beloved shadow becomes the keeper of your kindness and tenderness.  The faithful and the fearless.  The smallest warrior for your wellbeing and yet relies on you for everything.

I woke up this morning with the instinct to look for my little one. Where is she sleeping?  Under the couch, over by the chair, on the chair or where I would like her to be ...on her bed.  She was not there.  My heart remembered what my head had forgotten, she wasn't there.  Not like she hasn't been there before, she had sleep-aways and had been shared by another One.  When my head caught up with the facts, my heart broke again.  Suddenly I was lonely.  It comes to mind that I am now completely responsible for only me in this world...something that hasn't been true for 30 years. A strange feeling. 

I loved being the tall silver haired two legged one that created the rules that this four-legged soul would live by.  I loved the fact that she learned tricks and took pride in being very smart.  I loved the compliments that she always got from her fans and strangers alike about her demeanor.  She was sweet.


I love what I do as the leader of many, but will miss being the Leader of One.

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